4 Signs You’re Using the Wrong Size Tennis Grip

The tennis racket you use can have a significant impact on how well you play and how likely you are to develop injuries. One of the most important things to consider is grip size. Your tennis racket's grip can be too large or too small, and that's going to come with several drawbacks. Often one of the first things a tennis coach will do upon meeting a new player is check their tennis racket to ensure they are using the right size grip. They'll then be able to make adjustments or find a new racket, and it's often surprising how much of a difference that can make.

Of course, there are also several signs you can watch out for yourself. Here are just four common indications you're using the wrong size tennis grip.

1. Twisting in Your Hand

If you're using the wrong size grip, you may find the racket rotating or twisting in your hand when you swing at and strike the ball. This will reduce your control and often break your concentration. If the racket rotates too much, you could find yourself unable to properly meet the ball when it comes back. In some cases, failing to correct the issue can create painful blisters.

2. Slipping Away

One issue associated more with a grip that is too large is an inability to keep the tennis racket held properly. If you aren't able to get your hand around enough of the grip, you won't be able to hold it as securely. As such, movement and impact can cause the racket to slip from your hand. This doesn't necessarily mean you'll drop the racket, but you may find your hand slipping toward the base as you play.

3. Sore Muscles

Regardless of whether your grip is too large or too small, you're likely to find yourself experiencing discomfort in your hand, wrist, or forearm since those muscles will need to strain harder to maintain a proper hold. You may not experience pain or discomfort right away, but you may notice that your hand, wrist, and forearm feel more fatigued than you'd expect.

4. Hard to Change Grips

As you improve your game, you'll learn to switch how you hold your grip slightly throughout each round to adapt to different needs. However, this can be much more challenging when the grip isn't the right size. This is especially common when the grip is too large. If you don't feel you're progressing in this ability as well as you should, an incorrect grip size could be the problem.

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