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4 Benefits of Installing a Synthetic Grass Tennis Court

If you have spent any time playing tennis, you will understand that the surface of a tennis court can vary quite considerably depending on the type of grass which is used, how well it is maintained and the local weather conditions it is subjected to. If you are considering installing a grass tennis court on your property, you may be concerned about the quality of the playing surface. After all, no one wants to go to all the trouble of constructing a tennis court, only to discover that it is unplayable. However, thanks to modern science, you can make sure that your tennis court is always in great shape. Below is a guide to 4 benefits of synthetic grass tennis courts.

A synthetic grass tennis court looks great

The original synthetic fibres used to construct artificial grass were rather crude and looked unrealistic. Thankfully, modern synthetic grass has overcome these problems. From a distance, it is all but impossible to tell a real grass tennis court from a synthetic one.

A synthetic grass tennis court is highly durable

The best thing about installing a synthetic court is its level of durability. Whereas grass courts can easily wear thin and develop bald patches which look unsightly and ruin the game, a synthetic court will offer you a uniform surface for an extended period of time, no matter how many beatings the court takes over the course of a summer. 

A synthetic grass tennis court can help to speed up your game

Aside from looks and maintenance, the biggest thing you will probably notice about a synthetic court is how the gameplay differs. Artificial grass courts typically play much faster than traditional lawns. While this may take a little bit of adjustment on your part, it can ultimately help to improve your game, as you will need to react with much greater speed in order to meet the ball.

A synthetic grass tennis court is really easy to look after

A real grass tennis court will need a team of dedicated gardeners to care for it. In the heat of the Australian summer, the grass will need to be frequently watered and mowed to keep it in top shape. The benefit of choosing a synthetic grass court is that it is nowhere near as labour intensive. All you will need to do is to sweep the synthetic fibres now and again to remove any debris which has been caught up in them.

If you would like to find out more, you should contact a sports company today.

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